We are now looking to interview young people who are:

  • aged 16/17,

  • finished Year 11 in summer 2021 and

  • not planning to go to university.


If this sounds like you and you are interested in taking part in the project, we would love to interview you! Please have a look through the information below and fill out the taking part box at the bottom of the page. We will then be in touch to set up an interview.


We will ask questions about:

  • Your interests, values and any future plans

  • How you made decisions on what to do after Year 11

  • Any support or barriers you might have encountered during this decision-making process

  • Your ideas for how the government, schools and others could help young people in the transition from Year 11 to college/training/work.


Have a look at the more detailed information sheet (here). This information sheet includes information on data protection and data sharing. Please ask us if anything is not clear or if you would like more information, and feel free to discuss this with others. We will also go back over the information in this sheet at the start of the interview, should you decide to take part.


Once we hear from you through the online form below, a member of the research team will be in touch to arrange a convenient time and date for the interview.


The interview may take place in person or online. For interviews in person, we plan to conduct the interviews in your school or youth centre. However, if you would prefer to be interviewed at another location where you will feel more comfortable or that will be more convenient for you, we will do our best to accommodate your preferences as long as your preferred location is a public place. For online interviews, you do not need to have the camera turned on and we will ask for your permission to audio record the interview. The interview will take no longer than an hour.


Once the interview has been arranged, a member of the research team will then send you an online consent form. Please fill this out and ask us if you have any questions. You will be kept anonymous in the research and your name will not be linked to your identity in the final dataset. 


After this first interview, we will invite you for an interview a further two times in 2022 and 2023 to learn more about the path you have taken in education and employment.  As a thank you, you will receive a £10 voucher after each interview is completed. At the time of your second interview in 2022, we will also invite your parent/carer to take part in a separate interview but only if you agree to this. This interview will ask about their views on your education and employment experiences. We will ask you whether you are happy for us to contact your parent/carer for an interview around the time of your second interview.


Taking part is entirely voluntary and you can withdraw at any point without having to give a reason within 4 weeks of the interview. After this your data may have been used anonymously in presentations or publications.

For more info on what to expect and the project's ethical clearance see our information sheet.

Join Us and Take Part!

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