Welcome to the website for the Young Lives, Young Futures research project, which is being conducted by a team of researchers at King’s College London and The Edge Foundation. We are interested in the education and employment opportunities available to young people in different areas of England who don’t take the university route. Specifically, we want to investigate how England’s vocational education and training system could better support these young people’s transitions into further education, training or work.

This website contains full research and project team information, and will feature regular updates from the research in the updates section below, on our linked social media channels, and through the project’s blog. If you think you might be interested in taking part in the research, please contact us here


In case you missed our official project launch event for the Young Lives, Young Futures project, here is a short highlights video of some of the stimulating discussions that our young panelists engaged in.  The event was chaired by Aliyah Irabor-York, founder of Pupil Power

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A summary of the event, as well as the full video recording of the event can be found here.