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       Promoting Inclusive Systems for Migrants in Education, Routledge. March 2024

       Charlotte McPherson, Sait Bayrakdar, Alice Weavers, Sharon Gewirtz, Meg Maguire,

        Christopher Winch and Andrea Laczik 

       Journal of Vocational Education & Training, March 2024.

       Sharon Gewirtz, Charlotte McPherson, Sait Bayrakdar, Meg Maguire, Alice Weavers, Chris Winch, Andrea Laczik,

       Olly Newton and Alison Wolf



  • ‘Educational inequalities beyond attainment: Young people’s attitudes towards schooling in England’
    European Network for Social Policy Analysis (ESPAnet) conference. September 2023.
    Sait Bayrakdar

  • ‘Schools: a solution to or a source of problems? Young school leavers’ affectual accounts of the their in-school experiences and their implications for post-16 decision-making and transitions’
    British Education and Research Association (BERA) conference. September 2022.
    Meg Maguire, Alice Weavers

  • ‘Place matters: spatial dimensions of young people’s transitions in an urban setting’
    Education and Urban transformations conference, German Historical Institute, London. June 2022.
    Meg Maguire

  • ‘Exploring Place in English Post-16 Transitions: Evidence, theory and policy’
    Contributions to symposium on the role of place in shaping youth transitions at British Education and Research Association (BERA) conference. September 2021.​

    • Rethinking youth transitions: an 'equalities-ecologies' framework
      Sharon Gewirtz

    • Opportunity, equality and agency in England's new VET landscape: the difference that place makes
      Meg Maguire

Talks & presentations
  • 'Developing Skills and Talent: Social Mobility and Post-16 Education'

        The Social Mobility Commission and Policy Connect, House of Lords. May 2024.

        Sharon Gewirtz

  • Seminar on the Philosophy of Vocational Education

       Birmingham Metropolitan College. February 2024.

       Olly Newton

  • Young peoples’ in-school experiences and the part they play in shaping post-16 ‘horizons for action’
    Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. November 2023.
    Meg Maguire

  • National Union of Education (NEU) seminar
    Seminar based on our Schools for All? report. June 2023.
    Sharon Gewirtz

  • Youth Voice Research Showcase Webinar
    Presentation of the Schools for All? report. Edge Foundation. February 2023.
    Sharon Gewirtz

  • ‘Schools for all? Young people’s experiences of alienation in the English secondary school system’
    The Children and Youth Network, University of Manchester. June 2023.
    Sait Bayrakdar

  • Education & Training Foundation staff seminar
    Presentation on schools as hostile environments for young people and more positive experiences of learning in alternative/college settings. February 2023.
    Charlotte McPherson, Sharon Gewirtz, Sait Bayrakdar, Chris Winch

  • ‘Young Lives, Young Futures: Experiences of Year 11 students in and outside schools’
    Edge Foundation Research Review Group. July 2022.
    Sait Bayrakdar

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