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Alice Weavers interviewed on Youth Voice

A girl wearing a school uniform sits at her desk in a school classroom with her head resting on her hand. She looks as if she is falling asleep.

Alice Weavers features in the latest episode of the Edge Foundation's 'Rethinking Education' podcast. She talks about her PhD research on youth participation in national policymaking.

Alice has a background in youth work, and her doctoral research - which is linked to the Young Lives, Young Futures study - is trying to show the importance of listening to and involving all young people in policy development. She also talks about the impact education policy has on young people as they navigate the transition from year 11 to post-16 education and training.

The episode is the last in season 2 of the 'Rethinking Education' podcast. Alice is interviewed by Lulu McConville, the communications officer at Edge and convenor of the Edge Foundation Youth Network. She also speaks to Eilish Peters, who's the policy and youth voice coordinator at Youth Employment UK.


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