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New House of Lords report draws on our findings

A girl wearing a school uniform sits at her desk in a school classroom with her head resting on her hand. She looks as if she is falling asleep.

A new report from the House of Lords Committee on secondary education and skills for the digital and green economy has been published today. The report echoes and draws on some of the findings of our Schools for All? report.

The House of Lords report finds that the existing system of 11-16 education in England is not equipping young people to progress to the full range of options in the next stage of their education, or to meet the future demands of the UK economy.

One of the report's recommendations is to give schools the flexibility to offer a curriculum that meets their pupils' aspirations and needs - including creative, technical and vocational subjects.

Our findings fed into the report via a written submission from the Edge Foundation and through oral evidence given by Olly Newton, the Edge Foundation's Executive Director and member of the Young Lives, Young Futures team.

The National Education Union also submitted evidence to the Education for 11-16 Year Olds Committee that mentioned the findings from our Schools for All? report.


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