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Charlotte speaks about structural economic injustice

“Poverty and economic injustice are structural problems, they are not personal problems.”

Charlotte McPherson features in a new short film and podcast on structural economic injustice, and how it affects young people living in the UK.

Covering topics like the gig economy, food banks, the living wage and the history of economic injustice in the UK, Charlotte argues that her research leads her to believe that young people in the UK are not currently experiencing economic justice.

She also talks about what an economically just society would look like, with key elements being equality of opportunity and being able to access a decent life. The structure of society needs to support this and requires a good social security system, social policy and the redistribution of wealth.

Both the film and podcast were produced as part of Journey to Justice's Economic Injustice project. They have also produced a useful factsheet summarising Charlotte's arguments.


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