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Sharon Gewirtz participates in House of Lords panel

A girl wearing a school uniform sits at her desk in a school classroom with her head resting on her hand. She looks as if she is falling asleep.

Sharon Gewirtz was one of the panel members for an event on 'Developing Skills and Talent: Social Mobility and Post-16 Education', that took place at the House of Lords on Tuesday 21 May 2024.

Sharon drew on findings from the Young Lives, Young Futures study to highlight how young people taking different educational and routes often have correspondingly different experiences of school. Those students we've interviewed who have taken vocational training routes, have sometimes reported that they face greater barriers and challenges in their transitions, which are often non-linear. They also report having problems accessing careers advice that supports their chosen route.

Sharon highlighted that some jobs are more valued than others - and we see this inequality of value reproduced in schools.

The panel was jointly organised by the Social Mobility Commission and Policy Connect. The other speakers were:

  • Parminder Kohli, Commissioner, Social Mobility Commission

  • Lucy McLeod, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, East Kent Colleges Group

  • Joe Fitzsimmons, Senior Manager, Policy and Insights, EEMA & UK, ACCA.


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